DTP for Grand exhibition of Imre Makovecz - 2014

The Grand exhibition of Imre Makovecz named "Connecting the Sky and the Earth ..." was held in March 2014. We have five months to produce 64 tables, divided into two groups, exhibited in wooden frames of different sizes and on stands; a 210-page, three-language exhibition catalog as well as the wall decorations of the exhibition rooms.

Photo retouching

For the tableaus we had to use a lot of images which were only available in small size, and most of the time damaged or in bad condition. Thanks to Emlékmentők Ltd., we were able to scan all the images in the biggest resolution available. After that, every photo went through an average of 8 hours of digital correction. The biggest challenge was the pictures of the pavilion for the World Expo in 1992.

Because of the short deadline, every finished material had to be perfect, there was no time for errors in corrections or reprinting.

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We have prepared all the graphic material for the Makovecz lifetime exhibition organized in the reconstructed building of Vigadó: 64 tables, 210-page, three-language booklet about the exhibition.

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We like to invite everyone to the opening ceremony of the one month long exhibition of House of Culture of Sárospatak at 22th of March. The Imre Makovecz Lifetime Achievement exhibition opening will be at 5 pm, where the 21-piece board installation can be seen which we have been working in the past weeks. (more…)

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