Agnes Sas

Identity and website design and WordPress based website development for Ágnes Sas kinesiologist

Who would not want to find the best answers in life? How many times have we been searching for a helping answer to the thousands of questions that are accumulated in us?

Agnes Sas leads us by holds our hands,
to understand our own maze,
and shows a way out for a relaxed life.


For the new project we also needed to create a new logo. It was born from a mandala-like pattern and seven colours symbolizing the chakras, and this logic is followed by the seven navigation elements of the website.



A hét színvariációban megszületett névjegyek hátoldalán egy-egy lélekmelengető idézet található.

Promotional gifts

Both the coloured and the solid white logo works great for any promotional gift.

The seven colors are also suitable for future sub-projects.

The website

Agnes asked our help to create an interesting and colourful new website, which represents her many years of experience.

Previously she have simultaneously communicated via  a colourful, personal blog  page and a professional website on group therapies.

It was about time to combine this two project into one, keeping the best features from both of them.