Corporate identity, printed publications, website design and WordPress based website development for Funside

The largest international children's camp in Hungary, Funside provides care and entertainment for hundreds of children every year.

Andras and Ester takes care of the fun of children for 10 years.

More than 7000 followers on Facebook

Over 116000 YouTube views

The international campers represent more than 20 countries.

Corporate identity

The corporate identity was built around Funside's existing logo, symbolizing the Sun.


All the Funside's sub-brands got a unique colour...

...and a logo variation with a very own little monster.

The kids can choose from 20 different programs

Printed materials

Thanks to the continuous cooperation, we always take care of the Funside's latest brochures and posters

More than 125 organized tours and 6500 campers

Promotional gifts and products

The new Funside gadgets and products are the favourite of the kids every year.

The Hungarian / English website of is visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year,
Apart from Hungary, most of them are from Slovakia, the USA, Germany and England.



The website

The colorful, fun website of the camps offers entertainment for both kids and their parents. 

András Kittka
András Kittka

Founder at Funside

I have been working with him for over three years on a large number of projects for Funside (including branding, graphic design of all sorts, web design, photography and more) and he has never disappointed. His outstanding ideas and excellent design implementation have significantly shaped Funside’s brand identity to this very day and now I blindly trust him with any design decision.