Altera Plc.

Corporate identity, website design and WordPress based website development for Altera Plc.

ALTERA is a trust management company operating on a special investment strategy, founded by thirty-seven founding shareholders in January 2012.

The company, led by three prestigious investment specialists, debuted at the Budapest Stock Exchange with one of the biggest public equity issuance.

Corporate identity

The most important role in the identity is the vivid green colour.


The engine of ALTERA's growth strategy is the first hybrid investment model in Eastern Europe to adapt to the investment climate created by the financial crisis and to gain profits through the extreme movement of the markets.

To illustrate the operation of the model, we have created illustrations that were later used for printed materials.

Printed materials

For the Budapest Stock Exchange launch we created the company's 12-page information material.

The decoration of the car prize was made for the Budapest Stock Exchange launch as well.

The website

An easy-to-read website presents the company's activities and achievements.